Chelsea Highwaisted Padded Bikini

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I'm a beautiful swimsuit looking for a new owner to love me, wear me to new & interesting places, travel with me, and be proud to show me off to new friends. 

I love lakes, pool parties, oceans, sunbathing & water sports. Im the most adventurous travel friend you've ever had and I want to be your new globe trotting best friend with you forever.

And, remember, if you don’t get along with me and want to exchange me for one of my friends, Peaceful Energy will not take me back if I have been washed or worn.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping. It takes time for me to be made and sent to you with love, so please be patient, I am on my way.

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  •  Hand wash me with a mild detergent in cold water only
  •  I like my privacy so hand washing is my favourite!
  •  Hang dry me in the shade, please
  •  Do not tumble dry me, dry clean me, iron or use bleach on me. This can
    give me a headache!
  •  Do not leave me rolled up wet. I don’t want to catch a cold or start to smell like mold.
  •  Avoid contact with rough surfaces as it can cause pulling of my pretty fabric. Ouch! 
  •  High amounts of chlorine can ruin me, make sure to wash me immediately after use. Please and thank you!
  •  Certain tanning oils, sunscreens, and fake tan may stain or damage me and I always love to look my best!

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